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Vice President
Kandice Long

Along with her love for teaching, which she has done for the past 10 years, Kandice Long has had a love and passion for travel and children. So much so, she has taken over 15 children out of the country on three separate occasions. While traveling, it became very clear to Kandice that every child is not given the same opportunities to advance. 


Kandice has had the opportunity to connect with children ages 11-15 from over 10 different countries. Her time and experience with those children has driven her to be determined to do all that she can to help children overcome situations and circumstances that may be too hard for them and their families to overcome alone.


As an educator, Kandice sees the value of an education and the difference it can make in a child's future and success. She is a proud member of our board and is dedicated to efforts in ensuring that each child we encounter knows that they matter.


Patricia Long

Ms. Patricia M. Long is a life-long resident of Prince George’s County, in the state of Maryland. Upon graduating from college, she immediately began her professional career at From the Heart Christian School.  She has more than nine years of experience as a high school English, Film, and Creative Writing teacher.  Since her tenure, she has taught AP Literature and Composition, AP Language and Composition, Film and Media, and Creative Writing courses. 


Ms. “P” Long, as she is affectionately called by the students, has served as the Professional Learning Community Leader for the English middle and high school teachers for the past 8 years.  Within that role, she has led multiple professional development trainings for English and Social Studies teachers which include, but are not limited to: 1) engaging students in content-rich learning experiences, 2) improving students’ analytical and critical thinking skills, and 3) integrating discipline-specific literacy into reading, writing, speaking, and listening activities.


Ms. Patricia Long also has extensive background and knowledge in: 1) Writing and developing English curriculum based on national and state standards, 2) Utilizing Understanding by Design (UbD) templates to write performance-based Unit Plans and Lessons, 3) Teaching concepts and skills identified in the College and Career Readiness Standards, and 4) Effectively teaching engaging content for improving critical and analytical skills of students.


Crystal Thornton

Crystal Thornton is a Cost Analyst for a Government Agency where she analyzes the cost of various business and government expenditures. She has had a long passion for improving the resources educating children. 


In her free time, she loves to travel and is on target to visit all 7 continents. Providing and improving educational resources for children is especially close to her heart, and she is excited to be a member of All Children Count (ACC) International.

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